Catching up sorry for tasking so long but Prayers for Gabrielle on FB is where I do all the posting

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Gabreille has been doing extremely well. After her last cycle of Chemo she underwent a Stem Cell transplant back in October for almost 4 weeks. She did very well except for the mouth sores and fever. She also had a bit of a scare where her blood pressure dropped extremely low but luckily to some good doc and nurses they had it under control within minutes! In the end of November she started 13 days straight minus the weekends of radiation to her abdominal and 4 treatments on her lung.She did not have any reaction to the radiation at all! Here hair is starting to grow back and she has gained a lot of her lost weight back.Her next phase of treatment will be her last phase. She will begin her final phase of treatment on January 20th for 5 nights in the PICU. She will have the same treatment once a month for the next 6 months. We are praying for the best and hopefully we can say “remission” come the summer. If you would like to see daily posts on Gabrielle journey please visit her on Facebook Prayers for Gabrielle. XOXO

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Last cycle Done!

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Gabrielle had her 6th cycle and it was a gain a ruff one. She was very sick and was on Iv’s for 2 weeks after her cycle ended. Luckily we did not have to be admitted in between for fever pheww! Her counts went back up but she did have quite a bit of transfusions. She went for her MIBG scan and her T scan. Mibg scan came back with good news no return of the tumor. Her CT on the othe hand still showed spot on lung although it did get smaller. She will go in for surgery in about 2 weeks for removal of the spot to determine if it is cancerous or not. We are anxiously awaiting to get some answers. Please send some prayers for her as we are praying it is benign. XOXO

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Sorry took so long!

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Spot is unfortunately still on lung. Has not gotten bigger which is good. Cycle 5 was a breeze. Unfortunately Gabby had to go back to the hospital for fever and is in as I post.

Over 12 hours free of fever yay! her counts started trending up yesterday but then over the night went back down. she tried to get out of bed yesterday (of course the minute I leave the room) and fell. She got pretty little bruises all over her side and her belly wound started to bleed but again not to say this was a good thing but of course it was the sign that she needed platelets. So far 2 blood transfusions and a platelet transfusion and possibly another.This is why I beg you all to go out there and please give blood/ platelets as much as you can this is only one child/person who needs them think of all the others that do as well. They will do another CBC (her blood counts) and please pray they have gone up so she can break free of this joint lol!!!

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Ready for cycle 5

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Cycle 4 was definitely a rough one. She came home very sick it lasted for over a week. On the bright side her counts are now on the way up and no fevers this cycleShare is gettingCreasy for her next cycle which she has had before it is a repeat of cycle 3 so I’m positive she will go through the cycle with flying colors. Friday we go back to clinic for CT scan to see if spot on her lung has went away.

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Cycle 4

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Sorry I have not posted in a while. We have been very busy at home trying to catch up on things was a very nice long space between the last cycle and this cycle. She made it out to the Boulders game and threw out the first pitch!!!

She  luckily has had no fevers in between the last cycle and this one, Hoping this one goes the same!   her NG tube was taken out and she takes her medicine by out finally! She had a kidney and hearing test before this cycle and they were normal. Hopefully her hearing test will be normal after this cycle of cisplatin!

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cycle 3

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gabby had a wonderful 2 week break and so did mommy!!! By the end of the 2 weeks girls were all back to nomal you no fighting, hair pullin well i mean gabby pulling sophia,s hair lol and blood drawing glas things haven’ changesd! I want to thank all the fundraiser’s that went on in Gabby’s behalf thank you so much!! The walk couldnt of been a better day! The puck cancer was a lot of fun! We  even went to an unexpected fundraiser thanks to Frank Ramano and recieved a large chek donation from the Dean Micheal Clarizo foundation dominic and I and the girls had a really nice time girls enjoyed our friends at our table and the big ice cream table at the end tahnk you!!!!

Gabrielle is doing well on her 3 chemo’s, this round is definitley more aggressive but again the trooper that she is has not lost her bubbly flair! She now walks around thee 5th tower like she owns it!!!  insteasd of me leaving the room every now and again she leaves me to take a stroll around the floor!!! This cycle she has been craving vinegar and salt potatoe chips and m&m’s!!!  She is looking forward to coming home hopefully mondday night and Grandma & Grandpa florida are coming in for another visit!! We are hoping gabrielle will be able to make it to the boulder’s game on friday but counts are supposed to drop by then! Hopefully she can make an appearane!

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